Biofulfillment™ is focused on health, wellness, and the pursuit of happiness.

From our inception, Biofulfillment has sought to use insight to contribute to the wellbeing of people and society.

What does happiness mean?

Different people give different answers. Happiness is found in a smile, by living each day to the fullest or through expressing oneself. Happiness is found in loving and being loved. In essence, happiness is a delightful inspiration that builds purpose and joy. Biofulfillment is engaged in the pursuit of bringing happiness and inspiration to people.

What does information have to do with happiness?

Information helps us see patterns in life that would remain hidden without many observations. Fortunately, information has gone from scarce to superabundant. Computers can help us manage this abundant data by storing, transforming, and relocating data. But to take the data and organize it in ways that provide useful human knowledge, we need a human touch. Knowledge alone is not enough. To apply knowledge in ways that add happiness to humanity we need understanding. This is the vision driving Biofulfillment forward as we pursue growth.


Biofulfillment seeks to contribute to people’s happiness through building insight, and to become the group needed most by insightful people.


In the pursuit of bringing happiness and inspiration to people, Biofulfillment has chosen values which affirm these goals. Core Biofulfillment principles include strategic planning, envisioning the end from the beginning. Tactical planning, choosing achievable steps along the way. Focus, speed, and tenacity are central values to the way we conduct ourselves.

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